A program designed for young engineering minds which inculcates engineering concepts with integration of mathematics with science and technology. This program is unique in itself where the children thinks, creates and operate their circuits to solve real life problems. The program requires eclectic teaching approach that is merging different teaching methodologies in class that help cater individual needs. During the training session students will be working in groups which promotes social interaction and multiage learning.

Program Detail

Levels 3
Class Mode On-Campus class
Group Mode Group mode / Individual mode
Age Groups 10-16 years
Program Duration 10hrs/Level*

Program Content

  • Understanding of basics of electronics
  • Concept of circuits.
  • Concept of programming.
  • Working on Arduino board.
  • Introduction to sensors and its use
  • Real life challenges

Skills Development

  • Understanding integration of engineering, math & technology.
  • Experimental learning of STEAM concepts.
  • Improvement in programming skills.
  • Enhance Problem solving skills.
  • Development of logical thinking skills.