A program designed for 5 to 8 year old students who want to learn things in a playful and interesting manner. A program in which child learns to construct their robots, program it and unintentionally learn concepts taught theoretically to them. The objective of this course is not only to introduce basic programming and problem-solving strategies but also concepts of science and the world around them. Through LEGO blocks and basic programming, they learn complex concepts of Physics, Biology, Engineering, and Computers. Students will work hands-on in teams to not only build and program but also document their progress.

Program Detail

Levels 5
Class Mode On-Campus class
Group Mode Group mode / Individual mode
Age Groups 5-7 years
Program Duration 10/Level*

Skills Development

  • Programming skills
  • Lego building skills
  • Logical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Cause and effect relationship
  • Connecting dots and making relationships