Math Buster

A specially designed program to make math fun and easy for kids of age range 5-16 years. Math is confusing numbers for kids that are unfathomable for them, it becomes easy once these numbers are practically in front of them. Math helps in whole brain development as well as develops speed, accuracy, and prompt decision making in a child while calculating sums mentally give rise to better focus, increased attention span, improved concentration as well as multitasking. This in turn improves memory and recall along with processing speed and observation skills.

By the end of the program, children will be able to calculate basic sums – addition and subtraction, till 99 without the use of any gadget.

Program Detail

Levels 1
Class Mode On-Campus class / Online Live sessions
Group Mode Group mode / Individual mode
Age Groups 5-16 years
Program Duration 10hrs/Level*

Skills Development

  • Develops speed, accuracy, and prompt decision making in young students
  • Polishes concentration and observation skills
  • Improves memory and retention
  • Develops listening, processing, and understanding complex ideas