Crazy Science

Studying theoretical concepts helps a child to know things happening in the world of science. Our science workshops are practical and exciting as well as educational and intuitive. They can be used as an incentive to get focus and determination levels excited or as a reward for some great work already done.

Developing tactile sense is the main component of the program that is children hold, feel and experiment with the materials that they have learned about until now. So why not question things around you and explore their mechanism. During the program, children will not only observe experiments but also perform them on their own, under the supervision of our trained teachers, which is the best way to learn as rightly said by a scientist, “the best way to learn is by doing”.

Program Detail

Levels 1
Class Mode On-Campus class
Group Mode Group mode
Age Groups 5-16 years
Program Duration 10hrs/Level*

Skills Development

  • Conceptual Skills Development
  • Reasoning and Analytical Skills
  • Observation Skills
  • Decision making
  • Critical Thinking