TME is aiming to provide such a pathway that will give young explorers an opportunity to sparkle their skills, aptitude, and cognitive processes. Through our programs, the learners are made to challenge the way they perceive, think, and respond which helps them to shape their identity, to strive for betterment, and will play a vital role in their holistic development.


Our mission is to enrich the brain of young competent individuals through dynamic teaching methodology that enables them, to be better learners, aware of their cognitive capabilities, and enhance their technical understanding to serve for the betterment of society and community.


To provide learners a challenging and conducive learning environment where they can positively manage challenges and opportunities through STEAM concept (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) so that they can maximize their brain potential to empower themselves and others.


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Amir Ali

Root of the TME

Amir Ali holds a degree in computer science from FAST University and wanted to be an entrepreneur. He turned his dream of establishing his own business by the name “The Mind Explorer” into reality, which is now one of the unique and creative educational institute in Pakistan. A computer degree holder, however, by nature is an engineer, an explorer, and having vast experience in teaching and dealing with gadgets has contributed a lot towards the success of TME.

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Power Bank of TME

Arshnoor is an energy tablet for TME. A person who is responsible to look after all the faculty-related matters and ensure that their enthusiasm and energy level is supercharged. Arshnoor has been around students of different ages for the last 8 years. These number of years have helped her to understand and adopt STEAM-based teaching techniques and methodology. She now trains teachers in molding themselves according to the needs of students. Arshnoor, by education, is a business student.

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Miss Google

Nabila Padaniya is an all-rounder, performing all necessary functions required to ensure that all the operations at TME are smooth. A person who doesn’t comment, neither jumps to solutions till the time she completes her research and have the best solution to the problem. Nabila, by education, is a psychologist which helps her to understand students in a better way. Her abilities and educational skills aid her to continue implementing different techniques in the classroom.