Android Game Development

Games design and development is an increasingly important and sophisticated topic that draws together many of the core aspects of Computer Science and Software Engineering. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of game design, gives them practical experience in developing games within an industry-leading contemporary games framework, and encourages students to consider the wider possibilities of digital entertainment through non-linear narratives and innovative gaming forms.

Program Overview

Game programming is an important part of the complex task of creating a new video game. In this course, students will be using software named “Ready”. The program allows the student to test their program simultaneously while designing it with no prior experience. The program has a simple user-friendly interface that removes the requirement of complicated coding. This enables the student to realize their imagination by creating their own games.

Program Detail

Levels 3
Class Mode On-Campus class
Group Mode Group mode / Individual mode
Age Groups 10-16 years
Program Duration 10hrs/Level*

Program Content

  • Game art and design.
  • Mechanics, dynamics, and systems
  • Game narratives.
  • Innovative game technologies
  • Business and theory
  • Computation and technology
  • Critical thinking and analysis

Skills Development