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Brain GYM


Brain gym is a series of bodily movements to stimulate different parts of the brain. Often called Psychomotor Patterning, it includes easy to-do exercises to improve coordination between both the brain hemispheres, spatial and listening skills, hand–eye coordination and flexibility. Children might explore these movements along their lifespan, however, under stress, they might rely on only dominant hemisphere of their brain, instead of both sides, placing unnecessary and stressful demand on the brain, hindering overall performance. The focus is to use intentional movement leading to optimal learning.Note: Brain gym is being offered with Abacus program only.
Note: Brain gym is being offered with Abacus program only.

Skills Development

  • Develops their both sides of the brain equally

  • Aids in whole-brain thinking

  • Enhances focus and concentration

  • Boosts multitasking abilities

  • Builds communication between both sides of the body using midline crossing

  • Stimulates brain parts by increasing blood flow to the brain to ‘integrate’ and ‘repattern’ the body

  • Builds awareness of using bodily movements in daily life

  • Continuous practice results in improved academic performance

  • Integrates visual, auditory and motor (gross and fine) skills