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AGE 5-16 Years

Abacus is a math learning tool that uses visualization and hand moments for calculation. The students would be taught different arithmetic functions on abacus, slowly and gradually they will be shifted to mental level that is they would perform the questions by visualization. Surprisingly, Abacus teaches a form of calculation that does not involve the use of any physical instruments, nor a calculator neither any other device including abacus is used. Abacus is a device used to develop the basis of further levels. The complex calculation occurs within the mind only without any external help.

Skills Development

  • Develops speed, accuracy and prompt decision making in young students

  • Polishes concentration & observation skills

  • Improves memory and retention

  • Develops listening, processing and understanding complex ideas

  • Amplifies focus and mind power by emphasizing on visualization

  • Refines logical thinking and problem-solving

  • Enhances analytical thinking skills



8 (3 Months per level)


5-16 years

Program Duration

36 hrs / Level