Body, Mind, Emotion and its union

Have you ever felt that even though you have achieved considerably in this life, there is always an urge within which says that “something is not yet fulfilled therefore search”. Even after some great achievements, the contentment only stays for a few days. The urge to search comes back again.

I believe this is a common feeling among everyone since all of us want to embark on something new and exciting to fulfill this urge. Analyzing this, I feel that we have it because we have yet to find our true-self and our natural state. And this would be a state where our entire existence, the physical, mental, and emotional realms are in complete union. This means that they are centered within the self.

In today’s world, we often function only in the physical, mental and emotional level and occasionally but often unconsciously we touch base with the self. At that moment we feel bliss and often wonder what is it because we have never known the self. We think it is due to some material achievements and continue to function back in the physical,mental and emotional level in the hope of living the bliss again.  This goes on and on due to our ignorance. 

If we were to take time and introspect, we will discover that bliss is our natural state and the physical, mental and emotional realms are tools for us to operate within this world. When this is realized, we will start to anchor on our true-self(bliss). Being centered with the self, we will have a unified body, mind and emotion.

imagesHowever, often the journey is the other way round. The modern living today has brought us far away from realizing the truth, therefore we will have to work backwards by systematically uniting our body, mind and emotions in order to be centered with the self. The tool which has no substitute for this process is what we call YOGA. Yoga is not just about the postures, it is the complete process of streamlining the physical, emotional and mental realms for us to realize and remain within our true self. Many of us have the misconception that Yoga is only about physical fitness and flexibility. Therefore, on the next post I will write on what I understand about yoga. Hopefully it will help everyone to research more about the real meaning of yoga.


Wealth of Knowledge-What happens when you share it?

Hi there!

knowshareWelcome to my blog. This would be the first post here. I have been wondering for quite some time whether should I start writing a blog to share my thoughts or just forget about it since my time is fully occupied with so many activities. After some consideration and of course a long lapse of time, finally I decided to give it a shot. The level of mastery over English I have is not so great but I believe that it is good enough to express what I am trying to convey. Nevertheless, by writing and reading more, it should improve, I guess..haha.

The big question is why have I decided to start blogging? Well, it is of personal interest as well as a community interest. Lets start with the community interest. I wish to share the little knowledge and wisdom I have gained and continuously gaining in life. Not to influence you to think the way I do but instead to provoke your own thinking. By reading my sharing, I hope you could start thinking of things from a different perspective and get a better picture. Besides, I have been exploring the realm of body, mind and soul for quite some years. This exploration has brought to me discoveries about the power of the mind and the effects to the body, which I believe will help us live life to its fullest potential. Therefore, I wish to bring forth these discoveries to your attention. Again, not to convince you to think the way I do, but instead to make you aware of the existence of such things in order for you to make a wiser choice in life.

Next comes my real motivation to write this blog, the personal interests. You might be wandering what could I personally gain from spending so much time to write. Well, now it boils down to the topic of this blog post, what happens when you share knowledge? There is a quote which goes:

 If you want to learn a thing, read that. If you want to know a thing, write that; if you want to master a thing, teach that.-Yogi Bhajan

In line with that, I am actually writing to solidify my understanding on the topics that I have learnt. Hopefully, when there comes a solid understanding, I could teach and master the wisdom. I chose to write online because I thought why not along the way I perpetuate the cycle of learning by allowing people to read and learn from my writing. So that’s how this blog is born. I truly believe that the more I write and share about my learning and the experience which it accompanied, the more I will understand and gain mastery over it. You can try this too, teach a friend something you just learnt and you’ll find that your understanding on that subject matter improves.

Wow…so there it is folks, the first post which I really didn’t know how to get started, is completed. I guess we just have to believe and march on, the path will unfold itself.

I’m open to any feedback guys, be it positive or constructive, that’s where the real growth comes. Please do comment you thoughts below. See you on the next post…:)